If you’re looking for the Mount Everest of Heating Repair, you’ve clicked on the right article. Alan Energy Services is your trusty guide, eating furnace repair and AC repair for breakfast and heating service and furnace installation for lunch.

Ever had a Furnace throw a tantrum in the chilling heights of winter? Alan Energy Services specializes in turning troublesome Furnaces into obedient machines. And wait, there’s more! Hot summers got you down? Let the masters of AC repair use their magic to cool things up and transform your life into a breezy adventure.

Based in Elmhurst, IL, our heroes are on high alert in Lombard, IL, Villa Park, IL, Westchester, IL, Oak Brook, IL & Addison, IL. When it comes to climate control expertise, Alfred Hitchcock’s got nothing on the suspenseful climax when Alan Energy Services slays the dragon of high heating and cooling costs.

So next time you think about battling your HVAC alone, remember this wise nugget: why dig a mine when you can call a goldsmith?