Balmy summers in Tucson, frosty winters in Catalina, sweeping winds in Tortolita, and well…you get the picture. Arizona’s weather is as diverse as her landscapes. It falls onto the brave shoulders of Temperature Control, Inc. to ensure your home remains as hospitable as a Hawaiian beach (whatever the thermometer reads outside your window!).

In the particularly toasty addresses of Tortolita and Casas Adobes, residents know the joys of cranking up the AC only to have it sputter in protest. The remedy? Air conditioning service from our company that’s as deliciously cool as a gelato on a hot day.

Life in the Catalina Foothills is no picnic either when your furnace decides to go on a sabbatical during a chilling winter night. But fret not! Our furnace repair and HVAC service swoop in like your very own superhero, sans cape, to save the day (or night!).

Over in Flowing Wells, the good people are living testimony of our commitment. Whether it’s installing a new AC or unclogging your plumbing, Temperature Control, Inc.’s prompt and efficient services never fail to impress. No matter what the weather throws at you, remember, we’ve got your back- and front, and sides, and well… you know what we mean.