With projects in prime areas such as Bayside, Staten Island, Forest Hills, Sunnyside and downtown Brooklyn, KNA Roofing not only provides high-quality roofing services but also gives you the opportunity to hang out in some of New York’s most charming neighborhoods. Enjoy our little guide to some fun stuff to do near our locations.

Bayside and Staten Island: Neighborhood Charm and Activities

Amongst roofing remodeling projects, you can stroll through the quaint and vibrant Bayside neighborhood. Bayside offers a range of fun activities to do, including visiting local parks, renowned restaurants, and shopping outlets. Meanwhile, Staten Island is known for its cultural sites, such as the intriguing Staten Island Museum.

Fun in Astoria: From Roof Replacement to Attractions

Once we’ve replaced your roof in Astoria, why not check out some of the local attractions? The area is home to some of the city’s best Greek food and has a robust beer scene. Plus, the Museum of Moving Image is a great place to spend an afternoon.

Downtown Brooklyn and Beyond: Roof Repair and Recreation

Getting a local roof repair in downtown Brooklyn? Downtown Brooklyn is full of life with vast options for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Check out Jane’s Carousel or visit the New York Transit Museum to delve into the city’s rich history. The neighborhood’s mix of historic charm and modern chic is sure to keep you entertained.

These fantastic neighborhoods around our work sites are not only great places for roofing, but they also offer a wonderful blend of culture, history, food, and fun things to do. Get your roof done with KNA Roofing and enjoy exploring these amazing neighborhoods.