Nothing beats the warmth emitted by a well-maintained heating system during Illinois’ harsh winters. As a seasoned homeowner, you may know this all too well; but do you really understand the A-Z of your home’s heating system? R. H. Witt, a leading figure in the HVAC industry, lends its expertise to provide you with this much-needed guide.

Choosing The Right Heating System

Your home’s heating requirement will dictate the type of heating system you should install. Factors such as the size of your home, insulation quality, local climate, and budget should be considered. Furnaces, the most popular heating systems, run on various fuels including gas, electricity, and oil. For higher energy-efficiency, you might want to explore heat pumps which use electricity and work for both heating and cooling.

Installation Practices

Quality installation is integral to the lifespan of your heating system. Only seasoned professionals should handle the installation as it involves calibration of the system according to the design and model of the house. So, remember to only hire seasoned experts for the job.

Maintaining Your Heating System

Regular inspection, cleaning, and maintenance can ensure optimal function for your heating system. For furnaces, make sure to check and replace filters frequently, keep the blower motor lubricated, and regularly clean the air ducts and vents. Similarly, heat pumps should also undergo routine maintenance to ensure they are functioning well and efficiently.

Keep in mind that any complex repairs should be left to the experts. Tampering with these heating systems can lead to more damage and can even be hazardous. Rest assured, with reliable service providers like R. H. Witt, such tasks can be carried out smoothly, ensuring your heating system longevity and optimal performance.