Sometimes, the comedy of life plays out on a stage set by home improvement tools and supplies. Here’s a funny little ditty from our own backyard in Springville, Hamburg, and West Seneca.

The Case of the Colorful Doors

Meet Pete. He’s got a great sense of humor but lacks just one thing – design sense. Boy, when we say he chose a rainbow spectrum for his doors, we aren’t exaggerating! Made us all chuckle, but we’ve got the right tools to help him out, too!

But the adventure doesn’t end there folks! As soon as we thought we’d finally straightened it out, along came the window extravaganza. A mishmash of styles from baroque to modern minimal, leaving our hardworking teams both bemused and entertained.

Pete’s Perfect Picks

Finally, with the excellent range of doors and windows at Springville Door & Window Inc., Pete managed to create a harmonious palace for his sense of humor. And we? We’re left with the joy that he gave us, spreading smiles all around Springville, Hamburg, and West Seneca. Home improvement has never been this fun!