Have you ever been mid-Polar Bear Challenge in your living room due to a broken air conditioner during the peak of summer? Or played Eskimo during Idaho’s frigid winter nights thanks to a faulty heater? Well, no more indoor climate disasters for Meridian folks! With Idaho Heating & Air, we’re turning the tables with top-notch, un-frostbite-inducing HVAC repairs!

Our expertly trained team are the superheroes of HVAC malfunctions. They’ll swoop into action quicker than you can say “It’s so hot, I’m frying eggs on the driveway!”. Our top-quality HVAC repairs, incessant commitment to quality, and lightning-fast service, we’re the chill you didn’t know you needed this summer!

But hold onto your mittens because it’s not just the summer we’ve got covered. When the Meridian winter hits harder than a snowball fight with an Olympic shot-putter, count on us for the warmest indoor restoration strategies.

From geysers and dinosaurs to potatoes and gems, Idaho is known for its diverse attractions. Throw in Idaho Heating & Air into that winning mix, and we promise to provide a year-round comfort zone outdoing even the most perfect Idaho potato. We’re not just blowing hot air!