Did someone just say “cool”? Well, it must be a conversation about Air-Ref Co. Inc! This right here is the LeBron James of AC service and maintenance in Deerfield Beach. Billy the AC broke down again? Sister Sarah sneezing from poor indoor air quality? No worries, folks – that’s our jam!

Cracking AC Service

Our team of HVAC gurus will fix your cooling woes in a jiffy, so bye to sweaty days! Air-Ref is a pro at knocking the heat outta here faster than you can say “ice cream sandwich”.

How about A/C maintenance? Mhm, we got it sorted, mate! Regular A/C Maintenance, according to our own ‘AC Bible’, is the best love story since Romeo & Juliet. Beautiful and tear-free because no breaking down at the climax!

Top Notch A/C Maintenance

Sure, we might not be able to help you change a flat tire, but when it comes to residential or commercial AC services, Air-Ref handles it like it’s cool…literally. So, Deerfield Beach, stay frosty and let us handle the heat. Your chill is our thrill!