Ever tried to survive an Illinois summer without a functioning AC? You’d probably sooner wrestle a bear. Thankfully, the good folks over at Heat Engineering have got your back in matters of AC maintenance, repair and installation. Believe us, they’re as cool as they come.

Maintenance: Extending the Life of Your AC

Put down your toolbox and step away from the cooling unit. We understand that you’re a DIY enthusiast but when’s the last time a hobbyist successfully change an AC’s filter, refrigerant levels, or condenser coils? Yeah, we can’t recall either. Entrust your AC repairs to Heat Engineering’s professionals who don’t just serve La Grange Park, IL, but span as far as Western Springs, IL.

Installation: More than Just a ‘Plug and Play’

Think AC installation is a breezy day’s job? Try and you might end up with a mini ice age in your living room. At Heat Engineering, their cool-headed professionals breeze through AC installations in Burr Ridge, IL, Brookfield, IL, Hinsdale, IL and beyond without turning your space into a winter wonderland. Go ahead, give it a shot, leave the sweat for the summer!