With a rich history in innovation and design, Feathers Fine Custom Furnishings continues to push the boundaries of craftsmanship in the field of custom interior designs and unique furniture pieces.

Our company was brought to life by passionate artisans with a goal to make luxury, custom-designed furniture readily available. Sharing a common love for art and function, our seasoned carpenters and interior designers meticulously create each piece to match our clients’ imagination- transforming houses into stylish, comfortable homes.

One of our remarkable projects involves a residence in Phoenix, Arizona where we curated a harmonious blend of contemporary design trends with timeless, rustic elements. With the homeowner’s love for classic pieces and modern comfort, we fashioned an eclectic assemblage of bespoke furnishings- from a grand, carved mahogany table to a sleek, geometric bookshelf.

At Feathers, we believe that a beautiful home starts with imagination and expertise. With our incomparable dedication and superior style, our creations reflect more than just furniture- they echo the personality of homes and the stories within them.

Let us weave your story in every corner of your space. Discover more about our projects here.