In the frosty winters of Pittsburgh, PA, a tale of determination echoed throughout the city. It was the steadfast story of Staab & Sons, Inc., pioneers in furnace service and heating repair.

A Cold problem

Across the city, from West Mifflin to Bethel Park, from Carnegie to South Park, PA, there was a common predicament: obsolete, malfunctioning furnaces. Homes were icy, and the cold was seeping into the hearts of the people.

And then came Staab & Sons, Inc. Ringing in a revolution in heater installation, they began to replace outdated furnaces, breathing warmth back into Pittsburgh’s homes.

Embracing The Change

People in Pittsburgh, PA; West Mifflin, PA; Bethel Park, PA; Carnegie, PA; South Park, PA would no longer cower to the cold. The dedicated personnel of Staab & Sons, Inc. ensured professional furnace service and timely heating repair.

The spirit of service from Staab & Sons, Inc. wasn’t just about fixing the physical chill. It was about melting icy hearts and assuring warmth and comfort, a promise that resonated throughout Pittsburgh. A promise to heat all homes, to always bring the warmth.