If you’re fortunate enough to experience the vibrant lifestyle offered in Longmont, CO, you know the need for being able to relax at home with a well-controlled environment. Ensuring your home comfort system works perfectly with essential services like Central Air Installation or Furnace Repair, is our niche at Welzig Heating & Air. But we also care about life beyond your front door. Here are a few fun stuff you can do near Longmont, CO:

1. Longmont Museum: Unveil historical exhibits, artworks, or immerse yourself in the latest local events available at the heart of the city!

2. Union Reservoir Park: Known for its scenic beauty, this reservoir offers a plethora of activities including fishing, camping, and even swimming!

3. St Vrain State Park: A leisurely visit to this park, with its rich flora and fauna, offers a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Bird watching, picnic spots, hiking trails, the park has it all.

4. Breweries and Distilleries: Longmont boasts a multitude of beer and spirit producers. Consider mapping out a personal beer or spirit trail, just remember to drink responsibly!

Remember, at Welzig Heating & Air, we not only ensure your home’s heating and cooling systems function optimally with services like Central Air Installation or Furnace Repair but we’re also patrons of the thriving Longmont community lifestyle. We know all too well that there’s a world of fun waiting for you just outside your front door!